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Grounded in the world’s first genuine 21st century philosophy, Integral Life supports you with groundbreaking practices designed to produce more physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, relational intimacy, and worldly sophistication. You will discover clarity on a broad range of issues, from personal to interpersonal to broadly social, and it will help you begin to make sense of your life and everything around you.


Practice Being Human.

Living integrally means living a life where things finally make sense through broader and deeper awareness. This allows you to expand and deepen your experience of every moment, make sense of your world and your relationship to it, and to organize all the fragmentation of modern living in a way that doesn’t exclude any part of you. It’s a way to process your own life experience that includes everything you are, while leaving nothing out.

Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind.

Integral Life is based on a single simple premise: that everyone holds some piece of the truth, that everyone is at least partially right, that no human being is capable of being 100% wrong. But how do you tell just how right everyone is? Some are more right than others… how do you tell the difference? Integral Life helps you include what is true, discern what is partial, and see how it all fits together — allowing you to see more, feel more, and be more than you ever thought possible. Click here to start your Integral Life today!



At Integral Life you can find a wealth of vital perspectives and practices to help you nurture your own highest and deepest spiritual potential. You will discover an inspiring new vision of a more integrated world — a vision that bridges the gap between science and spirituality, between knowledge and embodied wisdom, between your challenges with habitual impulses and your greatest capacity for love, liberation, and happiness.


Growth and development is a life-long journey, and there is no limit to your human potential. Every aspect of your being continues to grow throughout your adult life — cognitively, emotionally, morally, interpersonally, etc. Each of us has strengths in some of these areas and weaknesses in others. Integral Life will help to guide your ongoing development, recognize where you most need to grow, and pull together the most appropriate practices to assist you on your life’s journey.


If we do not learn to confront and conquer our personal shadows, we risk sabotaging our own health, happiness, and work in the world. Our shadows are those parts of ourselves that we unconsciously repress, deny, or push away. At Integral Life you will find resources to help you identify and reclaim these disowned parts of your identity, healing the broken self and allowing you to meet the world with more presence, more openness, and more integrity.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many competing opinions about what is “true”? It would be easy if there were just competing claims on truth between the various religious traditions, but competing truth claims are everywhere: within politics, economics, science and spirituality, just to name a few. There are even a wide range of competing views and opinions on a subject as seemingly simple as a diet. Where can we to turn to make sense of the wide array of conflicting opinions? Integral Life can help.


We live in a complex, fast-paced world that has many of us literally chasing the tail of our own busy lives. We often ask ourselves why our activities don’t seem to fit together in a way that makes sense.


Think briefly about your job, what motivates you, how you communicate with others, your exercise and nutrition, your spiritual practices (or perhaps none at all), your friends, your relationships, what you read. Do these things all make sense to you in a way that feels like you are living an authentic expression of who you are, or who you want to be? If not, Integral Life may be able to help you better understand how to put the pieces of your life together in a more meaningful way.


Running between the yoga studio and work, sometimes in jobs we are not in love with, reading about the daily disaster in the morning paper, hearing the latest culture war in religion or politics, putting on one persona for work and another for our family life… the list goes on and on. Integral living is about taking these separate parts of our lives – these seemingly fragmented parts – and organizing them in the only place that counts: our own awareness. (In fact, our awareness is the only place where fragmentation can possibly be integrated.)


This is what integral awareness can do for the life you lead right now, just as it has for some of the most successful people in the world, from the world’s most respected academics and spiritual teachers to Hollywood producers; from journalists to heads of state; from university professors to yoga dads. We’re here to help you make greater sense of the human experience, to help you organize and understand all of these competing claims to truth so that you can live your life more freely, more fully, and more authentically within your current stage of growth.

Live a life of wholeness, presence, and passion.


Living integrally means living a life where things finally make sense through broader and deeper awareness. This allows you to expand and deepen your experience of every moment, make sense of your world and your relationship to it, and to organize all the fragmentation of modern living in a way that doesn’t exclude any part of you. It’s a way to process your own life experience that includes everything you are, while leaving nothing out.

The Four Pillars of Integral Living

Integral Life features a wealth of dialogues, videos, and products to help support and deepen the four most important pillars of happiness and wholeness in your life: health, relationships, work, and spirituality.

These four pillars are fundamental to any integral lifestyle. Like the four legs of a table, they are all necessary to find the balance, stability, and strength you are looking for in your day to day life. Neglect any of these pillars and your life will wobble, leaving you less capable of fully supporting the many challenges and opportunities you are presented with every day.

Spiritual Awakening

Integral Life offers a wealth of materials to help catalyze your spiritual growth, including practices that will deliver a profound experience of your highest Self and biggest Heart. Discover a more intelligent approach to spirituality that honors the truths of modernity and postmodernity — including the revolutions in science and culture — while incorporating the essential insights of the world’s great religions.

Health & Wellness

Your body-mind is truly a temple, and you want your temple to be as strong and solid as possible. Any cracks in the foundation will only weaken everything else you have worked so hard to build on top of it. At Integral Life you will find a collection of valuable resources to help you live a healthy, happy, and fully-integrated lifestyle.

Love & Intimacy

Relationships are a crucible for growth, awakening, and self discovery. At Integral Life you will explore how to deepen your familial, romantic, and sexual connections as you transform your relationships into powerful vehicles of self-awareness, self-transcendence, and embodied practice.

Mental Health and Clarity

Your work in the world is one of your very best opportunities to the many ways that the integral approach can help us improve our productivity, leadership, and creativity in our work in the world, helping us to align our livelihood with our deepest purpose.

A (R)evolution in Every Corner
of Our Lives

From art to sexuality, to psychology, to spirituality, to politics, science, and leadership, to every other corner of the Kosmos, the Integral Vision is being applied to just about every major field of knowledge on the planet… with some pretty astonishing results!

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Integral Life is many different things for many different people. For some it is a powerful channel of self-discovery, personal transformation, and life mastery. For others it is a shared vision of health, wholeness, and happiness. For others still, it is a place to explore the cutting edge of art, science, politics, and philosophy. Whatever your passion, whatever your interest, Integral Life has something for you!

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“I have one major rule: everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of the truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.”
~ Ken Wilber

Who is Ken Wilber?

“The twenty-first century literally has three choices: Aristotle, Nietzsche, or Ken Wilber.”
-Jack Crittenden, Ph.D.

If you haven’t already heard of him, Ken Wilber is one of the most important philosophers in the world today. He is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages. Ken Wilber currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and is still active as a philosopher, author, and teacher, with all of his major publications still in print.


What makes Ken Wilber especially relevant in today’s world is that he is the originator of arguably the first truly comprehensive or integrative philosophy, aptly named “Integral Theory”. As Wilber himself puts it: “I’d like to think of it as one of the first believable world philosophies…” Incorporating cultural studies, anthropology, systems theory, developmental psychology, biology, and spirituality, it has been applied in fields as diverse as ecology, sustainability, psychotherapy, psychiatry, education, business, medicine, politics, sports, and art.


Wilber explains the need for an Integral Approach in the following way: In our current post-modern world, we possess an abundance of methodologies and practices belonging to a multitude of fields and knowledge traditions. What is utterly lacking however, is a coherent organization, and coordination, of all these various practices, as well as their respective data-sets. What is needed is an approach that moves beyond this indiscriminate eclectic-pluralism, to an “Integral Methodological Pluralism”driving toward a genuine “theory of everything” that helps to enrich and deepen every field through an understanding of exactly how and where each one fits in relation to all the others. Through the Integral approach, we reveal the previously unseen possibilities for a better, more compassionate, and more sustainable future for all of us.


In short, the Integral Approach is the coherent organization, coordination, and  harmonization of all of the relevant practices, methodologies, and experiences, available to human beings.  As Ken Wilber says, “You can’t [realistically] honor various methods and fields, without showing how they fit together. That is how to make a genuine world philosophy.”

Abundance Philosophy for a Scarcity World


It is truly an extraordinary time to be alive. We are witnessing the emergence of something historic: the rise of integral consciousness. This is our very best shot to create a more peaceful and sustainable world, to awaken from the violent slumber of humanity’s adolescence, and to align ourselves with the future of evolution in this backward corner of the Milky Way.

During the last 30 years, we have witnessed a historical first: all of the world’s cultures are now available to us. In the past, if you were born, say, a Chinese, you likely spent your entire life in one culture, often in one province, sometimes in one house, living and loving and dying on one small plot of land. But today, not only are people geographically mobile, we can study, and have studied, virtually every known culture on the planet. In the global village, all cultures are exposed to each other.


Knowledge itself is now global. This means that, also for the first time, the sum total of human knowledge is available to us—the knowledge, experience, wisdom and reflection of all major human civilizations—premodern, modern, and postmodern—are open to study by anyone.


What if we took literally everything that all the various cultures have to tell us about human potential—about spiritual growth, psychological growth, social growth—and put it all on the table? What if we attempted to find the critically essential keys to human growth, based on the sum total of human knowledge now open to us? What if we attempted, based on extensive cross-cultural study, to use all of the world’s great traditions to create a composite map, a comprehensive map, an all-inclusive or integral map that included the best elements from all of them?


Sound complicated, complex, daunting? In a sense, it is. But in another sense, the results turn out to be surprisingly simple and elegant. Over the last several decades, there has indeed been an extensive search for a comprehensive map of human potentials. This map uses all the known systems and models of human growth—from the ancient shamans and sages to today’s breakthroughs in cognitive science—and distills their major components into 5 simple factors, factors that are the essential elements or keys to unlocking and facilitating human evolution.


Welcome to the integral approach.



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A beautifully illustrated, 232 page eBook, Ken Wilber’s The Integral Vision is one of the finest introductions to Integral thought and practice you can find. Using all the known systems and models of human growth, from the ancient sages to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science, this book distills all their major components into five simple elements—ones that you can verify in your own experience right now. This digital eBook is not available anywhere else, so get your free copy by signing up for an annual membership today!

“Incredibly rich and inspiring content that opens the mind to higher heights and the heart to deeper depths. I can’t count just how many times I’ve heard or seen just what I needed to help me tackle an issue, or see it from another beautiful perspective. Integral Life has helped open my eyes to new dimensions of being, seeing and doing in the world.”
Louis Parsons, Integral Life Member

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